Sunday, June 12, 2011

Giambra wants to sue ECC - new video

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Rochester gets it.

The City of Rochester is now looking into finding a downtown location for their community college! That is great news! (see link)|topnews|text|News

Adam Zygus features our issue in this Sunday's Buffalo News

Here's the link:

The issue of ECC consolidation comes to the forefront.

The ECC version of Pandora's Box is being opened. Lawmakers raise issue over whether the three campus system of Erie Community College should be consolidated to two. In a previous post, State Senator Mark Grisanti and State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt formally backed the idea of bringing ECC Health Science Downtown. An a new article, the Buffalo News asks political leaders for their opinion on  the issue.

Grisanti and Hoyt are in! Bring it Downtown!

New York State Senator Mark Grisanti and Assemblyman Sam Hoyt have sent a letter to ECC President Jack Quinn to shift construction of the proposed Health Science Building North Campus to City Campus. Their move, powerful on  the part of the Western New York delegation, shows the desire to place the Health Science industry at one location.

The two men feel that maintaining three campuses is insustainable, and that "research presented in the DGEIS [Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement] suggests that the costs of maintaining three separate campuses far outweigh the benefits."

The article ends, "We strongly urge you and your board to reconsider your plans to build a major new building on the north campus but rather consider building it between your downtown campus and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus."

With a growing state delegation wanting to bring ECC's Health Science programs Downtown, hope is around the corner.


Hot Off the Press: Rocco Termini looks at AM&A's for ECC

In a recent editorial by Donn Esmonde of the Buffalo News, the issue of bringing ECC construction to Downtown makes a return. It was provoked by a meeting with Developer Rocco Termini who at a recent meeting at Sea Bar unveiled his plans for the AM&A's building. Pointing at a plan featuring a renovated AM&A's building, Termini says, “This is what we should do.” When Rocco Termini says it, you know what he says equate to results

As Donn Esmonde explains, the benefits of moving the proposed ECC Health Science Building to Downtown Buffalo will "reverse sprawl" and add to the ever growing Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Check it out!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DOWNTOWN OR BUST!!! Meeting notes from June 7, 2011!

Today we had a meeting with Jack Quinn and the City Council!
It went very very well, we are very happy. Joel Giambra spoke against building in Amherst, several council members questioned Jack and the ECC Board of Trustees and we really had a lot of insightful comments. The ending comment was an older gentleman who explained that young people want to be downtown and stated it over and over again! We really think people left knowing how we felt! Most importantly - our comments, preparation and research really paid off because Jack Quinn was very surprised! It was great to feel as if we were doing the right thing for the region. Building the health and science building downtown really makes perfect sense and it is great to see so many people thinking the same thing.

We made headlines with the Buffalo News -

And here is a picture we took outside of city hall!