Monday, April 25, 2011

A great picture as to why ECC should be downtown, in our regional transportation hub!

Look how far you can get in 33 minutes from the downtown campus???? 
This is because of the regional transportation availability that the downtown area provides!

The Buffalo Common Council Passed the ECC Downtown Resolution!


Buffalorising posted the details on the approval of the ECC Downtown resolution. It is great to see the leadership of the city recognizing what is best for the region. Thank you to Joe Golombek for writing the resolution as well as the many council members who approved it!

Great news!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sam Hoyt Letter

Today we received a letter in support of ECC being downtown from SAM HOYT! Yes!
AND today we are meeting with common council members Darius Pridgen and Joe Golombek. Will update with the meeting details later today.

Thanks everyone for your support.
If you have yet to sign this petition - DO IT.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Potential Properties for Downtown ECC

Its pretty clear that there is an abundance of surface parking (aka shovel ready) sites available at the Downtown Campus.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOW - New Health Sciences Charter School in Downtown Buffalo!

A new health sciences charter school has been announced for the beautiful, historic and vacant EB green building on Ellicott! Its important to note that they are moving from tonawanda to downtown to be closer to the BNMC which will provide internships and other learning opportunities for their students. This is also an amazing example of adaptive reuse. Excellent!

This proves that educators and the City of Buffalo can understand the economic and educational benefits of being located within a world class medical campus. Why doesn't ECC get it?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PETITION! Please sign and send to your friends/parents/relatives etc!

So, the idea of a petition came from a random ECC student via our email today. ECC kids are smart, petitions are an easy way to figure out how the public feels.

Please sign this and pass it along! Thanks.

Renderings from not so long ago... what happened?

A sudden change of heart or a change in political agenda?

Monday, April 11, 2011

ECC Mission Statement

We took this directly from ECC's Website which you can read here: ECC Web

ECC’s own mission statement says the college “strives toward a future where education is accessible and convenient to all.” Yet the North Campus is conveniently accessible to only people who drive cars. It is an hour’s trek by public transit from downtown Buffalo, and in Buffalo 31.4% of all households have no access to an automobile.
Placing this investment in Amherst would be unfair to thousands of young people striving to get ahead in life.

ECC will become a national and regional model for the community college of the 21st century. ECC wants to be known as the most student-friendly and accessible college and the place where success begins. ECC will be an inspirational choice where students of all levels of ability attend because it is the best match to their lifestyle and a respected institution among employers within higher education and throughout the region.
The new science and medical building deserves to be downtown in a world class, 21st century medical campus. Explain to us how building this in Amherst is inspirational?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Downtown or Bust

Young Citizens for ECC has officially been formed. 
We have formed to push for more inspiring, innovative progress at ECC. We are tired of saying "What are they thinking?" and want to encourage our leaders to have the courage to stand up for what is right for ECC and  Western New York.

If you haven't heard, Chris Collins and Jack Quinn have proposed a new Health and Science building at the North Campus in Amherst. While we appreciate this investment, we believe that this building belongs downtown, the doorstep of the world class Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

There are multiple reasons that our Downtown Campus deserves a facility like this, far to many to list.
The major reasons why we want this innovative facility are:
1. This innovative addition to downtown will assist in the growth and overall success of the regional medical campus which will have long term educational and economic benefits for the entire Western New York region.
2. Having this facility within arms reach of such world class research will open unlimited opportunities for the students of ECC to learn and grow.
3. The downtown campus is a regional transportation hub and with 32% of Buffalo's population being without a car, having fast, reliable transportation access in a must.
4. Access is key - The Downtown Campus has access to 28,000 parking spots, 1 metro rail, approximately 32 bus lines, 3 major interstate highways and is located in the center of the region.
5. The Downtown campus has been neglected and deserves the investment.
6. Amherst is already a traffic nightmare with 23,400 cars/day on Main Street - why would they want more? Downtown will gladly accept it.

We really could go on and on here about why the Downtown Campus needs this investment. We really just think that putting a health and science building within a major, world class medical campus just makes perfect sense.

Luckily, with the new budget crisis, there is a funding gap and the project is at a temporary halt. This gives us the opportunity to bring this issue to the attention of our regional leaders and demand an inspiring, 21st century plan for Erie Community College.

Here is the link to our new facebook group -Young Citizens for ECC Facebook Group
We also have an email set up for any questions -

Thank you for your support.