Monday, April 11, 2011

ECC Mission Statement

We took this directly from ECC's Website which you can read here: ECC Web

ECC’s own mission statement says the college “strives toward a future where education is accessible and convenient to all.” Yet the North Campus is conveniently accessible to only people who drive cars. It is an hour’s trek by public transit from downtown Buffalo, and in Buffalo 31.4% of all households have no access to an automobile.
Placing this investment in Amherst would be unfair to thousands of young people striving to get ahead in life.

ECC will become a national and regional model for the community college of the 21st century. ECC wants to be known as the most student-friendly and accessible college and the place where success begins. ECC will be an inspirational choice where students of all levels of ability attend because it is the best match to their lifestyle and a respected institution among employers within higher education and throughout the region.
The new science and medical building deserves to be downtown in a world class, 21st century medical campus. Explain to us how building this in Amherst is inspirational?

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