Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just some great examples of how the BNMC is spurring growth in the area.

We decided to show some great examples of how the BNMC is really spurring growth. ECC should really be on top of this and take advantage of it. Students want to be in a walkable, dense area with access to everything. We want to have a campus that can provide internship possibilities, networking and ultimately jobs. ECC needs to realize that the BNMC is our future and putting a heath and science building in Amherst does exactly the opposite of what we want.

Today the global vascular building was featured in Buffalorising because it is almost complete. This building will provide many jobs that ECC can provide education for. Great stuff!

Today another project was featured - this is housing related. This building has been rehabbed and was a spin off of all the jobs and growing housing demand that the BNMC is providing!

Today on WBFO there was an article about the completion of St. Vincents Health and Science Charter School. This is a high school that felt that they needed to relocate from Tonawanda to the BNMC area in order to take advantage of the location and opportunities to link students to the industry. Additionally, they rehabbed a beautiful, vacant building that was abandoned by ECC!

August ECC Updates!

August was a quiet month.. sorta..
Bernice had a five question interview in Artvoice which can be viewed here: http://artvoice.com/issues/v10n27/five_questions

On the 31st of August, Greg, Bernice and Jim went to the ECC Board meeting where Greg had the opportunity to speak for two minutes. It was great to see that Darius Pridgen and Joel Giambra showed up! The meeting went so well, the board is now twisted into a pretzel as they try to decide how to fund this unwanted Amherst project.
The link is here: http://www.buffalorising.com/2011/09/ecc-north-campus-cxpansion-dead-or-dying.html

To recap - If you want to sign our petition, here is the link: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/595/026/589/

Again, we thank you all for your support. We are working very hard to get ECC to link the students to the jobs, internships and networking potential that the BNMC holds. Here are some photos of the action.