Friday, July 8, 2011

Is ECC in Trouble???

This article was published on Wednesday.... looks like they are having some trouble over there with their accreditation.

Artvoice Coverage!!

Yes, Geoff Kelly asked us five questions for an artvoice article. Please read!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sign our Petition!

Here is the link to the petition. We have growing support from the public, especially after todays buffalo news article!

Business First Article!

This article was published on Wednesday after Bernice went to speak to the ECC Board of Trustees meeting. The meeting went just as we thought it would. No one seemed to care and the BOT declined any comments or discuss about the issue. It really seems like they are making these important, regional decisions on their own, despite the public opposition!

You have your foot in your mouth, Patricia Krzesinski.

Today this article appeared in the Buffalo News -

Talking about putting your foot in your mouth! One day ECC is promising a compromise, the next they want to close the downtown city campus.A huge thank you goes out to Patricia Krzesinski for making the ECC Board of Trustees look out of touch and shortsighted!