Monday, April 9, 2012

Giambra is NOT the Only One Fighting

This article (HERE) was posted on Easter for the front page of the Buffalo News.

Basically to sum it up, it says that Joel Giambra is the mastermind behind the ECC fight. We are currently working on a statement for the press  to address this article because although we are thankful for what Joel Giambra is doing, we want the public to realize that other people are supportive and doing work to bring ECC's proposed building to the downtown core.YC4ECC has spent a lot of time and energy into building awareness, meeting with political figures, writing letters, working with council members for resolutions and pushing petitions all to push the health and science building to be built downtown. This article says nothing about our efforts and even hints that Joel is behind it all which is not the truth.

A real statement will be released shortly. In the mean time, take a look at the article linked above. Also, we put some photos in this post to show the readers that we have been active with talking at board meetings, working with the Buffalo common council as well as even passing out flyers at events this past summer.

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