Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ECC Makes Another Poor Decision - Job Center Relocating to Amherst.

Shame. Shame.
ECC yet again makes a poor decision that does not benefit the citizens of WNY. 
ECC announced last week that they are moving their Job Center from Orchard Park to Amherst. 

News Flash! 
People who don't have jobs, have a hard time paying for a car.. which means that this center should be located in a hub that is served by transit so that all people can have equal access to a job center. 

The bottom line is this: ECC wins because they "save" money on operating expenses while the citizens of Western New York loose because they have to take 2 buses and take an hour each way to an area just to find a potential job. This is not fair and does not provide access to all.
The building should have been located to the downtown campus where there is an equal opportunity for all of our citizens to find a job.

We are already looking into alternatives.. more information on the way.

You can read the Buffalo News link here: http://www.buffalonews.com/city/article958117.ece

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