Thursday, July 4, 2013

ECC Continues to Ignore the City of Buffalo.

ECC tells all 6,600 inner city students who attend ECC that they are only worthy of workforce development training and entry level jobs...
"Quinn said the state’s Buffalo Billion economic development initiative calls for ECC to train potential workers at a yet-to-be-identified workforce training center, while programs at the Amherst campus will focus on placing students into four-year colleges and white-collar industries.
Inner-city students could start at the City Campus, get employed and, if they so choose, advance to programs at the Amherst location, he said.
He added that the mission of the City Campus is in line with Say Yes to Education’s public school tuition incentive program.
“Buffalo Public Schools is our feeder,” Quinn said. “If we don’t take care of these kids, who will? The graduation rate is embarrassing. It’s almost criminal.”"

What is criminal is that ECC continues to make it harder for the inner city students to succeed. These students are the ones who need the energy, time and resources the most.

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