Thursday, July 31, 2014

Erie County Announces Negative Declaration for New North Campus Build... Provides Yet Another Study That Supports Why It Should Be Built In Downtown Buffalo.

Hot off the press! ECC/Erie County Releases their newest report supporting their Negative Declaration decision regarding building the new ECC Health  & Science building at the North Campus. We are in the process of reviewing it currently but it is obvious to us already that there is a lot of wrong doing here and it is clear that Erie County is basically spending our tax money to support their project, despite the overwhelming public opposition for the past three years.

If you want to see the recent 183 page document about Erie County's Negative Declaration decision that the new ECC North Building will have no significant adverse impact on the environment, you can read it here.  

And for a chuckle, read up on our smart growth legislation and try to understand how this project is considered "smart growth".

Why this is ECC argument important???  For those plugging in for the first time here are just a few of our arguments which are fully supported by their studies. The new building will be dedicated to health & science programs and should be located downtown at the City Campus which is next to the medical campus where over 17,000 jobs are being added by 2017 as well as abundant internships and networking opportunities are. Also, almost 50% of ECC lives in the City proper yet it continues to be the forgotten stepchild, only servicing the needs of 25% of the entire student body. This new building continues to support suburban sprawl at a time where 88% of the millennial generation want to be located in an urban environment.

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