Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Contact Mark Poloncarz Now!

We are urging you to take two minutes to write Mark Poloncarz, our county executive and ask him to reconsider his support for expanding the ECC North Campus. Email him directly at

Here is a general letter template you can use.

I am disappointed in your choice to support the expansion of the ECC North Campus, where public transit access for the neediest population is severely limited. I am asking for you to reconsider your support for the ECC Amherst Campus expansion. 

The mission of ECC is to provide access to all, including to those who do not own cars (31% of Buffalo households). Locating educational opportunities where public transit is abundant is in keeping with Erie Community College's stated mission and our regional smart growth goals outlined by the Regional Economic Development Council. Anything less should be considered discriminatory, as the lack of access is unfair to those who truly need it. 

Additionally, the decision was decided with very little public input and the results were given prior to the release of the study, despite the study being publicly funded by our tax dollars. 

Lastly, ECC's City Campus has been kept the smallest of the college's three campuses, which is a result of having most of the programming provided at the North Campus. This is not a choice made by students, it is a choice made by ECC to fuel the growth of the Amherst Campus. Any growth in campus facilities should be centered where the need is greatest and where access is most widely available - the Downtown Campus.

Thank you for your consideration.

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