Thursday, May 30, 2013

Send a Letter To The Legislature: Here Is A Template For You To Use!

A letter from one of our YC4ECC supporters to Betty Jean Grant. Feel free to use this as a template, if you want to contact the her yourself. 

I am very much opposed to the plans that have been announced this week by Jack Quinn and the county executive.  It seemed very clear a year ago, when they began the study (which had no public involvement) that their aim was to justify building the newest, most advanced ECC facility on North Campus -- rather than in the city (where it would be accessible to those who most need help getting a leg up in life).

     But what's being proposed here goes far beyond that mistaken recommendation.  Based on the coverage to date, including in Buffalo Business First, what they are recommending is a drastic reduction in status for the Buffalo campus.  In fact, they want to establish "Centers of Excellence" on both suburban campuses, while the Buffalo campus is downgraded to certificate programs, workforce training, and culinary.  So suburban kids, whose families have cars and can drive to whichever campus they need to, will be getting the programs intended for those ultimately seeking 4-year degrees and professional opportunities, and will be getting the most advanced facilities.  And the city kids will be left with a campus intended for those with lower aspirations.

     I would like to strongly encourage both of you, as the legislature representatives of most of the city, to take your time to consider the ECC plan before making any pledges of support.  I'd also like to encourage you to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for your constituents to dialog and express their views on this matter before it's taken up by the legislature.

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